Thanatos - Infuriated testo lyric


The master commands, the soldiers obey,
They'll fight till death
Saddle up your horses, raise your swords,
Obey my commands
You must fight, destroy the false ones,
Each hanger-on
Who follow their leaders, without thinking
-just like you

The battle begins, show no mercy,
Chop off their heads
Beelzebub's smiling; he's gathering recruits,
For the legions of hell
Blindly they're fighting, without any sense,
They kill to kill
They're caught in a spell, locked in a shell, prisoners of Hell

Their minds start to work ,
The spell's losing grip,
They fight to get free
They disobey their master,
They have their own will now,
Can't you see
The Evil Force has lost it's strength,
The spell is broken
They turn to their master;
Chop off his head
The False One's power is taken



La canzone Infuriated si trova nell'album Angelic Encounters uscito nel -0001.

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