The Defiance - The Defiance - Rise (Official video)

RISE (Lyric)

[these notes bite, lick and read my soul]
I wanna be bury in your coffin
So we’ll never be apart
And I’ll keep my soul open
So you can have a home
Everytime you’ll lost
I wanna be the sound that comes from your headphones
A song that connect your bones
And it guide you home when you are too tired
Take you to the right path when you'll see the road begins to climb

My pen pick up my broken heart
My veins start to fire
And my lungs, starts to breathe
So I rest my ears on this sound box
“through music we can live forever”
It said

I can’t live without breathe
I can’t move without my bones
Unless you’ll do this with me

I feel as if simple songs saved my life

I feel, just feel as if simple songs painted my way

I’ll always waiting for you
You’ve the task of stick the desperate

I can feel in your hands
I cure and gave you my blames
You take care of them as if my future were whole in your name

Mother, I wanna rest in the place that you keep warm for me
Father, I wanna lay in your eyes while you read the newspaper
And sleep
Just sleep

Tonight my shame
Bleeds with pain
[but] I’m here
I can breathe

This time there’s nothing I can do
You came as a hurricane
I got everything to lose
This time there’s nothing I can do
You came as a hurricane
And I can't fucking sleep for days

3 chords
In the deep of autumn sun
3 chords
Like a shot in the night
Well I needed it
So I learnt these 3 chords
To hit my life
And to rise

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