Industrial rock from Italy

Hate Inc. was born in the early 2000's by a Vincent Vega's project.

In the end of 2007 Hate Inc. became a band with Vincent Vega at guitar & voice joined by Will Mars at synthesizers & samples, Stuart Slate at the bass and Dave Bundy at the drums.The band starts now to rehearse the songs composed by Vincent Vega the years before until the first concert in December 2008.

In the beginning of 2009 Roxy Narko'$ joined the band as second guitarist and together they start to record their first album. In the end of 2009 Hate Inc. released the EP "Fragments" that contains four songs extracted from the full lenght album that will be released in june 2011 entitled "Art of Suffering" (Club Inferno/Audioglobe), produced and mixed by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.). Their first album release is followed, in december 2011, by their first video of the single "Art of suffering", directed by Treenet Studio, starring Selenia Orzella and Andrea Brancone.

The next period Hate Inc. starts to play many live concerts sharing the stage with great artist like Vnv Nation, Dope Stars Inc., Extrema, Diaframma, Pino Scotto (Vanadium), White Pulp and many others.In 2012 they have the first international gig at the Cyberfront Festival in Kiev, opening for VNV Nation.In december they release a new video clip of the single "Antichrisis" that anticipates the re lease of their new upcoming album "Bipolar Spectrum Disorder" in 2013.

The new album, as well, is produced and mixed by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) who defined it as "an higher level album" because of its completeness and maturity. That's the reason why only 12 tracks were selected from all the recorded material. This is an album with many influences coming from each member of the band, so you can find aggressive songs, danceable ones and even a new wave-oriented track sang in Italian, made in collaboration with Salvatore Piccione (Karma In Auge).
On September the 27th Bipolar Spectrum Disorder will be officially released