China Pop/Rock/Electronic Band

YaoBand (The Honor) is a independent band from China.

• 2 lead vocals: Feng Xuan Yuan, Zhang Jing Hao.
• DJ: Wang Lu
• Guitar player: Wei Chi Chun Xiao, Gao Fei
• Bass Player: Huang Ji Yang
• Drum Player: Diao Lei

By the impact of Euro dance music and popular fashion,Yaoband have founded their own styly. Based on the traditional pop music, they added up rave and rock elements. Relying on chinese traditional culture, they very good walk between the epidemic and music, China and international.
YaoBand EP (The Honor) was a creative collection of original inspirations, to bring a diverse listening experience for audience. In particular, they invited the Grammy award-winning Chris Gehringer for the EP mastering project.
YaoBand is the first dance rock band from china to the world!