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Testo della canzone

I wasted my time trying to reach your heart again
This time I can remember...
I made up my mind cause everything I've done
Was wrong, with no excuses

My nightmare has finally come true
Will someone wake me up?
And In the end I'll go through
These feelings I have
Cause I do think I?m...

I'm breaking down
Falling down with my mind
Losing everything learnt from the time I spent with you
No one is always right
And I'm sorry I can't find the words to say that I've been so blind
And I'm still searching for the answer
I hope it's not too far

I'm wondering why
I thought that you're perfect
Right now I can realize that
I tried million times
But I am not able to forget
You're still in my mind

I look at the sky but I feel
I still miss my star
And In the end I'll go through
These feelings I have
Cause I do think I?m...

Where's the light, I'm so blind
Who can help me before it's too late?
Cause I am....

Album che contiene Blind

album Untold Stories - The New Story
Untold Stories 2006 - Rock, Punk, Pop Virgin Music, EMI music

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