The New Story - Testo Lyrics Golden Streets

Testo della canzone

You're too sure we cannot be better than you
You're on top maybe we're not but that's two years ago
Now we're running with no brakes, everyone calling our name
You don't realize you're going down
Blaming yourself today
Is just right because

We ride golden streets we hear the calling
So we're not falling
Your lies with no meaning won't mean nothing
Your game it's over

So you think we shouldn't care about this game
Live our life making our name but we're already strong
You're looking down but we're not there, we're above and on our way
And ready to blow
Blaming yourself today
Is just right because

Album che contiene Golden Streets

album Different Ways - The New StoryDifferent Ways
2007 - Rock, Punk, Pop Virgin Music, EMI music
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