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Testo della canzone

She's 21, she keeps sleepin' next to the one
That she loved before
She's back at home, swearing that
It's over with him once again

Bring me away from this shame
This love is more than I can take
I think I'm running out of bones that he can break

Why don't you stop it you're being destroyed?

Bring me away from this shame
This love is more than I can take
I never thought this was the price I had to pay

Why don't you see that you will feel better
When he's gone away

Don't waste your life, in this kind of reclusion
You need someone else to trust and
I can't help telling you: just break up
With him now and start a new life

Every time she's down she knocks my door and tells me?

And your aim to go on is definitely wrong
Dry your tears if you want
I'm here to save your soul
No! I won't need excuses
I'll never leave you alone
And you'll never miss him
Some day you will forget!

Album che contiene Love and Reclusion

album Untold Stories - The New Story
Untold Stories 2006 - Rock, Punk, Pop Virgin Music, EMI music

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