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Lack of passion
You made up a new man
Well I found
A new reason to pray

And I hide myself behind the callous
Way to be came from the sorrow
Stab my back and make me pass away
You still telling me that I'm the only one
Who makes your heart explode
Pretending everything stays the same
But not today

Make me bleed on the ground
Let it be your silent victory
But i won't die I won't stop to breathe
I'm over this so goodbye

Like a mission
Now I found my own way
You want the blind truth
You know what I have to say

And I wonder if somebody ever
Told you not to set a question if you are
Scared of the reply
I was holding you when you were crying
Now that I'm the one who's dying
You are joined in the arms of someone else
Is that your game?

Lack of passion
You made up a new man
There's no excuses
And no lessons to learn

Album che contiene Make Me Bleed

album Different Ways The New Story
Different Ways 2007 - Rock, Punk, Pop Virgin Music / EMI music

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