While spanning two continents and an ocean, alternative rock band The NUV are set to bring their brand of art soaked music to the American shores. Recently moving abroad to Canada, Italian rockers Andrea Caristo, Leonardo Sergun, Stefano Tangorra, and Demis Tripodi, have all the intentions of winning over the awaiting American audience. With influences such as the Foo Fighters, Sex Pistols, and comparisons being made to Velvet Underground, band member Stefano says, "Fitting The NUV in a music scene is quite difficult to me, because The NUV is the summary of different scenes and perhaps for this reason wherever you put it, it's comfortable." While sharing creative duties with band mate Leonardo, Demis Tripodi says on The NUV’s lyrics, "Basically I am writing to defuse troubles... and sometimes to impress a girl. Often someone tells me that my lyrics are sexist and lacking social thickness, then I stop thinking and I say, ‘Man, we live in a sexist and lacking moral depth society.’ -- well, I did a good job!" With their sights set on new horizons, The NUV (which stands for The New Ultraviolet Vanish), has recently finished recording their Block Starz Music debut, TOP MODEL SUPER FASHION, with producer Gabriele D’Amora. With creativity and precision guiding their musical sound, The NUV are ready to carve their name into the American landscape.