the oneinchpunch born in November 2009 from an idea of Helias Marson (vocals / guitar) and Stefano Silvestri (bass). They always been bound by a strong musical feeling called to drum David Valleri , who plays in the band for a few months. In September 2010 he was named to replace the old drummer Francesco Benedetti. With this new training, Oneinchpunch begin an intense session in the studio writing songs that brings in Risle the feeling of the band! In January 2011 the band signed a recording contract with Revalve records, which will allow the release of the album in the coming months. Now oneinchpunch are involved in the recording of the album: Peace, Love & Rock Stay tuned !!! We OneInchPunch come from very different stylistic paths, such as hard rock, progressive rock, blues, flamenco, ska, funk, metal ... Strong understanding in this trio makes the different influences mix the right chemistry, that goes to characterize the taste of OneInchPunch! A strong influence that affects our musicality are, in addition to past experiences, daily events: the smiles, friendships, girls, reeds,peace , love, rock, the amount of coffee, proper decanting of wine, shoes comfortable, the instruments good, peace and love that every day we encounter along our route. Everything for us has its fundamental importance ... a simple feather lying on the grass to the vital air we breathe. We play our life!