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Not Necessarily Alive2014 - Rock, New-Wave, Indie

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I close my eyes on a photograph
I see you waiting on my mind
I'm thinkin' much, too much too much to myself
when we were pleased, were both alive
And I pretend it, on my own
Beyond the meadows of this place where people lies or cries
You were spring among my autumn, baby
Let's gonna meet on the other side

That's what I'm telling you

I close my eyes on the fear itself
It prisoned my whole life
I'll put shit out, my life off, on
my memories, I feel like now you're mine

That's what I feel inside my own
It's on my mind, it's not a fault
I want to see my home just leaving, warm
On a grave but on your side

That's what I feel inside my own
It's on my mind it's not a fault
That's what I feel inside my own
Meanwhile I sing this song, to put my demons out

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