Biografia The Shiver®

The group was born in November 2004, Three boys on guitar, bass and drums, and a girl on voice. From the beginning The Shiver are well known in the music scene of their city. In 2005 they make the demo SHADES CHANGING, 10 tracks very intense. The Shiver's music is a dark rock with metal waves and a melodic voice. In February 2006 they join Alkemist&Fanatix Europe, and after some months, in August 2006 they sign a discographic contract with UK Division (UK). Their Debut Album INSIDE is out in January 08, with a worldwide distribution. It contains 9 new tracks. The sound is essential and powerful, and the songs are various: they go from soft dynamics to pressing rhythms, there are metal influences and also ballads and melodic songs. The promotion of INSIDE begins in September 07. In December the guys has been playing in England, for a tour of 10 gigs,and in October 2008 they played again in UK for the INSIDE HALLOWEEN TOUR. They had a lot of great concerts like the one of Ephebia Festival, with The Ark and Perturbazione, or like the one with Negramaro.In December 08 they have recorded a new album at WEST LINK STUDIOS (Pisa), with Alessandro Paolucci as productor. In the next spring and fall the band will tour in Est Europe and UK.The Shiver is a young band, with the intention to make it in the music world.

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