Various Artists, Syntheke records 001, l'EP comprende 3 tracce più un rmx che definiscono il suono della label.

descrizione dell'EP (EN)

We are very proud to announce the first release from Syntheke Records, featuring Riccardo Noè, Seed and Milesoundbass. The opening track “Overthrow” melts dreamy melodic vibes and a techy beat: the result is a gloomy progression toward the depths of mind. “0 Irony” is pure techno, featuring a straight bouncy punch framed by ethereal sounds and hi-hats of increasing intensity. Riccardo Noe’s “Transcendental Interpretation Rmx” is a breakbeat anthem in which the bass dances toe-to-toe with the hefty synth, in an astral duet of rare beauty. While the original mix of the Milesoundbass release recovers the 4/4 kick drum and incorporates acid sounds into a dancey groove and a dub mid section, but still holding in regard the deep emotional atmosphere that characterizes the whole EP.