The Stativ Collision: original snob-core since 2011!

The Stativ Collision is an italian progressive band formed in may 2011 by Leonardo Padroni (lead guitar and voice), Gabriele Pacini (bass) and Andrea Alberti (drums). Their sound is a mixture of progressive metal and prog rock with electronic music inlays and fusion scents.

In summer 2014 the first demo, called Sequence, was released and its tracks have been played throughout many stages all around Tuscany; however, a brand-new sound was growing amidst the band-mates!

Step after step, through the years until now, the Stativ Collision built their own sound, continuously taking it to another level, song after song.
Now their playing is characterized by low-tuned guitars and basses, odd times and polyrythms, all included in standard pop song structures.