Timoria Mr. Run Testo Lyrics

Timoria Mr. Run Testo Lyrics



Testo della canzone

Hey Mr. Run new life and so much fun
Hey Mr. Run in the end you got it done
I was walking down the street
that ev'rybody needs like a mellow sound
someone's playin' around (I got) time right on my way
tickin' faster once again livin' outta heaven
right across the sun
Hey Mr. Run lookin' at the things you've done
Hey Mr. Run better listen to the drum flavour
people have wanna taste forever
'till they fade away stink of my mistakes
it's (like) livin underground growin' in the mud
gonna pay my bail for the fairy tales
Hey-and the band played (sang)
I know we need to run
Hey-and the bell rang never never

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