ToMato Bluefish All my friends Testo Lyrics

ToMato Bluefish All my friends Testo Lyrics

Blues, Psichedelico, Rock 

Siena, Toscana

Testo della canzone

All my friends

All my friends like to go to disco
They ‘re all dead but they like to dance
Perfect dress when they to go to disco
Perfect smile, perfect moving on the dance floor

All my friends, crazy for the disco
Dancing dead, but dancing all night long
Ehii Deejay, once you start to disco
Please don’t stop, reality is too real, man!!!

Shining teeth, flirting in the disco
More or less, the color of them bones
Empty faces, like an empty whiteboard
All them thoughts erased by a disco sponge

There’s a Martian landing on the disco
This is what I hear him saying:
“What the hell!!! The humans are so useless!!!
Killing them the earth is gonna improve a lot”

(Instrumental destruction of the human beings)

All my friends, dead bodies in the disco
Nothing changed! No more dead than before…
There’s a song, still playing in the disco
Makes the Martian killers be repented of:

“All my friends don’t like to know
All my friends don’t think a lot
All my friends once you’ll be gone
All my friends, I’m gonna miss you all friends!”

Album che contiene All my friends

album Mayday - ToMato Bluefish
Mayday 2015 - Rock, Psichedelico, Blues

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