ToMato Bluefish - Testo Lyrics I don't decide

Testo della canzone

I don't decide

You know I don't decide
It's better if you leave me all alone
As I'm wasting time
It's better if I waste it on my own
No more time, no more why, no more I..

All these moments spent
Just trying to convince us we are in love
All these lost intents
This conversations listened by the wall
No more time, to realize, that we are done

Now I'm fucking crying
It's better if you leave me all alone
Yes, I just realized
The emptiness is filling up my soul
No more you, no more us, so much time

What the hell is that?
I'm not the one I used to be before
What the hell is now?
I'm spending all my days just waiting for
No more me, solitude, better you

Album che contiene I don't decide

album Mayday - ToMato BluefishMayday
2015 - Rock, Psichedelico, Blues
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