ToMato Bluefish It's you Testo Lyrics

ToMato Bluefish It's you Testo Lyrics

Blues, Psichedelico, Rock 

Siena, Toscana

Testo della canzone

It's you

It's you
Day and night with me
In my thoughts, in my dreams, my time

It's you
Nothing more than you
In my words, on my lips, my mind

It's you
You’re my point of view
From inside, from outside, behind

It's you
Everything made of you
One life is not enough to share

If he goes
Let him go
Then you call me after all
Let him go
Please let him go
You can call me after all

Album che contiene It's you

album Mayday - ToMato Bluefish
Mayday 2015 - Rock, Psichedelico, Blues

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