"Monday Hangover" out now!

TRYPTAMIN is an Italian rock band from Piacenza, Italy. The group was formed in 2008, getting inspiration from some original songs and random musical ideas recorded by Pietro Beltrami (vocals, keys). The material soon began to be rehearsed and arranged in a proper band setting when Michael Fortunati (guitar) and Daniele Brolli (bass), Pietro's long-time buddies and musical comrades, got involved. Right afterwards Bruno Cabrini (drums) and Marcello Lega (guitar) joined the group, and TRYPTAMIN recorded 2 self-titled EPs in 2009 and 2011, respectively. In 2011 they also began to work on their first full-length album. In 2012 Bruno amicably left the band, Federico Merli (already drummer for the band KUBARK) replaced him, and in the same year TRYPTAMIN entered the studio. On September 6th, 2013, “MONDAY HANGOVER”, TRYPTAMIN's long-awaited debut album, finally came to light. The sound created by TRYPTAMIN pushes and crosses boundaries between various music genres in a personal way that represents the omnivorous nature of the band members, joining together alternative rock, indie-prog, post-metal, new wave, ambient, electronica, jazz, shoegaze, and sludge-pop.