rock alternative band

The Uncledog are an Italian band formed at the beginning of 2008 in Este (Padova), as the result of a chance encounter of five friends that shared a single, great passion: rock music. From the very beginning they dedicated themselves to writing their own songs, motivated and determined to create something new and original. Their music is a mix of the different influences that each member brings to... the band, and the result is an energetic, modern and evolving rock, that still retains a foot in the past. The band have already recorded three demos and on September 2010 recorded their first official EP at Radiostar Studios, in California, with the legendary Sylvia Massy as a producer (Tool, System Of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith). The stage, however, is the real home of the band, as they unleash their live enthralling music and succeed in conveying that special something extra in addition to their passion, which is portrayed through the energy and strength of their music.
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