Biografia Unwelcome

UNWELCOME is music for your body. UNWELCOME is music for your mind. UNWELCOME is music for your soul. It’s food and blood and skin and meat and nerves. There’is only a chance to free yourself: to try NEW possibilities. Refuse any compromise. Enjoy the furious party. UNWELCOME is all about full throttle, in your face sonic rock. Its a new punk for a new millennium, or it would be if the term “punk” (or the word millenium for that matter) still held any sort of relevance. The songs are awash with distorted guitars and throbbing percussion and angry vocals. UNWELCOME is apocalyptic rock. UNWELCOME is primordial rock. But those are just labels, and labels are just feeble attempts to classify and restrict. UNWELCOME is not about labels. UNWELCOME is about playing rock, becoming famous and dying. And starting fires along the way. Be UNWELCOME or DIE. MUCH more better. INDEED.

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