Vaiflo's experience in music started back in the early 80s, when his mother was cleaning the house and he singing along the albums she was listening to (Queen, Mike Oldfield, and some 80's disco like Savage were the top hits of the day).

Years later he learned by himself how to play keyboards, and not too long later on he taught himself how to play guitar and bass. After explorating punk and post rock scene in where he started, his bands (mostly instrumental) have always been aimed at developing the same concept: mixing different genres of music that usually are not associated and creating songs that flow like a journey, with lighter moments and sudden "drops". For example this could involve metal mixed with surf music and gypsy percussion, or math metal mixed with goa samples, or Post rock noise mixed with techno and pop.

From the beginning of 2000 he also got involved with rave and the afterhours scene (psy-trance, goa) in central Italy. During his development as an artist, his main influence in music have been The Clash, The Police, New Order, Infected Mushroom, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Savage, Bad Religion, King Blues, Madness, Kompakt Records, One Man Buzz, The Zen Circus, A-ha, Lagwagon, The Who, The Beatles, Aphex Twin, Frank Zappa, 2Pac, Gorillaz, Zu, Mike Patton, Refused, Atari Teenage Riot, Datsik amongst others. People who inspire him are also Federico Fellini, David Lynch, Prof. Bad Trip, Alan Moore, J.J. Abrams, Keith Haring and Alfred Hitchcock.

In 2005, with other artists from his town, he also created "Underground Pisa", a collective of musicians, creating innovative musical interactions between them and having creative meetings every week in Rebeldia, city's community centre, organizing events and promoting band's merchandising at the gigs. Thanks to that, the music scene in Pisa (already quite various for being such a small city), became even more mixed, with interactions between bands and artists of all kinds, from jazz to funk to metal to folk and rock and roll - but all in the name of good music.

In 2007 Vaiflo moved to London, and after initially seeking to join bands as a bass player, he decided that time was ready for presenting his first solo act. First experiments in production were made with his friend Gori, under the name I.U.O.I., described by Terry Burrows as "sort of New Order trying to play a Frank Zappa composition with the whole thing mixed by an Italian club DJ".

I.U.O.I. tracks were presented live at a one-off showcase gig in December 2010 in Pisa, during a six month break in Italy, and after few weeks Vaiflo started producing his "solo" project.

By summer 2011 Vaiflo's first six solo tracks were made available on soundcloud for streaming, and in September "Time To Begin", the new single, was released on itunes. October saw Vaiflo launch his music on the live stage around London.