Vincenzo Grieco - 1995 testo lyric


“Now I won’t let you down”
These words that I need you to believe
When everything falls to ground
(And) you are the one to stand for me
Everything changes, at the light of the day,
This man sitting next to you,
The eyes of a child from yesterday.
Still we both laugh about
My long hair and your old fashioned ways,
And how we refuse to swank,
and wear fancy clothes on formal days.
People they change on,
As time passes by,
And though many years had gone,
It’s always the same for you and I

I remember how the world seemed smaller at your side,
How everything could be so easy, so right.

Now that the party’s gone
I’m driving you home into the night
Proud of your rebel son
Hiding a smile as you realize
(that) All that you taught me
Is all that I am
In this path I chose to take
So far from your dreams and your programs,

I remember how much pain it took me to find out
That men could break and fall to pieces somehow,
Always searching for stronger reason to believe
That after all this life’s worth living, madly.
But now I won’t let you down
These words I still need you to believe.


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La canzone 1995 si trova nell'album Misleading Lights of Town uscito nel 2018 per Red Cat Records.

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