Vincenzo Grieco - That Brand New Perfect Tune testo lyric


School did never bother me, always on the run,
“Study hard don’t waste your time” I knew it,
Dancing club they won’t fit my need for fun
No fads, no craze, no rules to moan about,

But everything was fine with me until that crazy day,
A brand new song was playin’
And all I’ve ever wanted from that moment ‘till today
Is chasing that sound, playin’ around, everyday just screaming it all out, loud!

Years went by and things have changed but still I got that need,
Wondering what my whole life could have been now
Hair grew longer, no suit and tie for me,
But strings and wood became my world, so won’t you come and see,

And everything is fine with me why don’t you understand,
A brand new world to live in
And though my life seems crazy I don’t need no helping hand,
So listen to me, making some noise, night and day we’re rocking the house down!


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Testo di: Sara Facciolo

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La canzone That Brand New Perfect Tune si trova nell'album Misleading Lights of Town uscito nel 2018 per Red Cat Records.

Copertina dell'album Misleading Lights of Town, di Vincenzo Grieco

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