Violet Ghost - The Bench testo lyric



Counting days sitting by the fire
holding breath, ghosts treat us kindly
I blow through your hair
you glow like a ray

we came out of flames
and you stayed right away
watching fall begins

feeling covered, safe in bell
under skies of embers hell
I know, now you feel afraid
and go, go, you slip away

we escaped from the rage
and you cared right away
what will you seek?
when will you learn?
but see, sometimes it's worth
to never know why

Counting days, sitting on this bench
waiting for time
to go by and mend


Premi play per ascoltare il brano The Bench di Violet Ghost:


Elisabetta Caprini : chitarra, voce
Lucia Mariani: organo, cori
Diego Mariani: batteria


La canzone The Bench si trova nell'album The Bench uscito nel 2018.

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