Viper - Coma Rage testo lyric


Coma rage gonna rise everyday

Restless I wait for my time to come

To break them all no problem

That's my life

If you are against you're gonna die

Big mistake for you

Having no respect for me

Now I can destroy you it's fun for me

Coma rage gonna rise everyday

Youth on edge

To fuck 'em all

Gimme some

Just in time

Lonely I face the rage of the world

For people like me no future

A deadly race

We're just part of the game

A good gun in my hands

Best way to make you understand

That's the way it's gonna be

Anytime I meet you in the streets

Come rage gonna rise everyday


La canzone Coma Rage si trova nell'album Coma Rage uscito nel -0001.

L'articolo Viper - Coma Rage testo lyric di Viper è apparso su il 2006-01-29 00:00:00


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