Viper - Evolution testo lyric


The big desert is far from here

Scarlet clouds in the atmosphere

Built by hands of a million men

Darkest silence of a dead land.

Every night I say a pray

Asking god to see you again

I will bring you back home

Dead or alive, I don't know.

A million dollars cross the sky

Invisible plane a brand new kind

A million people cross the sands

Following the hunger guide.

I hear the siren in sector one

A new rebellion get your guns

Hold your breath if they are close

They take hostages to get drugs

Miles I'm walking seeing the hand of men

Destroying the land.

Is the future on my side?


Self destruction

Space battles in the fifth war

Science fiction is for real

Happiness we never feel it

We only see it on the movie's screen.

Human being have a killer instinct

Though we came from the same womb

How can men celebrate

Everytime we drop a bomb?


Self destruction

Disease and fear

I walk every night to see the end

To see the end by our side.

Very soon we'll be trapped in our own trap

Our private hell.

When there's nothing left to destroy

Will we destroy ourselves?


Miles I'm marching seeing the hand of men

Destroying the land


Self destruction


No solution

Disease and fear

I walk every night to see the end

Come see the end

By my side.


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