Viper - Pictures Of Hate testo lyric


Cynical describes me

But yesterday was intensity

Who's to blame, it is a shame?

Sad alone tale of a common man.

I say to you I've tried, I've got no alibi

Many times I looked up to the sky

And saw your face, I wonder why.

Once again I'm flying high

In the thoughts of my tomorrows

From my past no regrets

Only memories of sorrow, lies.

Innocence nobody sees

All the intentions underneath

Childhood dreams are nightmares to scenes

Now I know what liebe means.

Everyone I met before in this game are only pawns

I find myself in shadows

Searching for the distant echoes.

Pictures taken from nowhere

Seasons taken from me

Faces coming and going

So life love death and dreams

Become my pictures of hate.

Memory is beyond your personality

Everybody thinks

Everybody sees

Boundaries of a hopeless mind

Drawing frontiers just before my eyes.


La canzone Pictures Of Hate si trova nell'album Evolution uscito nel -0001.

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