Viper - Rebel Maniac testo lyric


Take the stairs to the second floor

Look the name, it's on the door

Pull the gun in the right time

Just one shot took his life.

Hate is spreading very fast

Check the list and see who's next.

Where do you go?


What do you feel?


What do you know?


About me.

Everybody, everybody

Everybody gets me wrong

No one, no one, no one

And nobody understands me

Be prepared for my attack

'Cause I'm the rebel maniac.

Every night is day for me

Energy and insanity

If it's right or if it's wrong

Don't ask me I don't know

Strange ideals fill my head

I walk hand in hand with death.


La canzone Rebel Maniac si trova nell'album Evolution uscito nel -0001.

L'articolo Viper - Rebel Maniac testo lyric di Viper è apparso su il 2006-01-29 00:00:00


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