Viper - Still The Same testo lyric


See the fools as they run away

Crawling the stars again

Blinding season seems OK

To leave is just another game.

Reasons to live my time

Reasons to live

I feel like having to hold inside

All the questions from before.

Keep on knowing

In distant skies

We hide the meaning of our voiceless cries.

So many answers

Who's to blame

'Cause my existence is still the same.

That's right!

All the walls are falling

Looking from my room

Everywhere seems nowhere

Unless I see you soon.

I'm the nearest trophy

Of our consequence

Even moments in my mind

Are no evidence.

But I still live, I still live.

See the dreams as they drown away

In oceans of today

Lightning season seems OK

If all the rest remains.


La canzone Still The Same si trova nell'album Evolution uscito nel -0001.

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