Viper - Straight Ahead testo lyric


Let me show you all the lights

Through my eyes

Paint your soul in black and white

To disguise

Keep searching for mercy

Keep praying and hoping

I'm alone

In the back of your mind

It's a real real real world alive

You just told me

We're close to the end

In a real real world so I go

straight ahead

Learn the things you wanted to

Out of school

Live your life in search of truth

Not in books

The existence where I drown

Is deeper than I thought

Is longer than I planned

And stronger than I am

Everlasting state of mind

Are you blind

Go find what all of us try

Right now


La canzone Straight Ahead si trova nell'album Coma Rage uscito nel -0001.

L'articolo Viper - Straight Ahead testo lyric di Viper è apparso su il 2006-01-29 00:00:00


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