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Descrizione The Road

Descrive l'inizio del percorso, una riflessione sul momento fisico-mentale che si sta vivendo, sul perché si deve affrontare un percorso del genere, se è un bene o un male, quali conseguenze questo potrebbe portare. Alla fine la comprensione: un percorso del genere non può essere evitato se veramente ci si vuole evolvere e toccare un nuovo livello di coscienza...

Credits The Road

Testo e musica: Vincenzo Marretta
All instruments and vocals: Vincenzo Marretta

Testo della canzone

The road to peace
Dark and tortuous alley
Distant Destruction, It’s near
lack of truth, turning around the most beautiful way
that’s enchanted by flowers and happiness
fire, flames and desperate speed,
now it's time to go

The road is long, the road is dark
What are you doing on the road you walking now and never again?

you can do it, you won't stop
only when the blood will explode your guts
you come and destroy
What the fuck am I doing?
this is not what I wanted
But I go
What will I do now?
I won't tell it
but the road is my way
I'm not afraid of what I will find
I will face the darkness and I’ll finally arrive.
Don't you feel threatened because you will understand just after.

happiness does not exist and you know it.
blind, deaf, mute
you will die

Album che contiene The Road

album Here I Am At The End - Vincenzo MarrettaHere I Am At The End
2015 - Metal
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