Voltumna was born in August 2009 with the entrance of the vocalist Simone Scocchera and the drummer Bruno Forzini,: who the band immediately esteemed for his ability, and consequently improved through private lesson and important world drummers such as David Folchitto (from Stormlord, Kaledon) and George Kollias (From Nile); with a sudden change of direction and genre, the band turned from a "shy" black metal to an "evoluted" Death/Black Metal with some traces of Symphonic and Progressive Metal based on the "true" Metal. The topics treated in their lyrics are inspired by the ancient Etruscan population compared with the modern society because everyone thinks that past brings the real truth and the only way to freedom. On 16th January 2010 the band published the first track, Black Hole, and after that the track Volsinii which leads up the band to their first live performance attaining to an excellent success. In summer 2010 the guitarist, Christian Mancin, left the band with the coming of a new guitarist ,Leonardo Farruggia; this change in the line-up brings successful results thanks to another live performance and the publishing in April 2011 of the first "creature" of the band: the EP "Chimera" recorded at the Fear No One Records of Emiliano Natali who worked with Aborym for the recording of their last Cd, and with other famous Italian metal bands, as well .