Gabriel Guarneri - Bass guitar,guitars,banjo, vocals Gianluca Genova - Guitars, vocals Cristian Falzone - Drums.

White Opaco come from the center of Sicily,(Campobello di Licata,Delia,Mazzarino), united by our common wish to bring our music forward. We don't like labels such as genres of music,(that’s Gabriels’s fault: he’s the main composer), maybe because we love every kind of music, as long as it's good music! We are currently working on our first album, and we can't wait to let you listen to it! “with the color white through our mind….. an idea came to us; dirty it up bit…So White Opaco! White Opaco are: Gabriel Guarneri (vox, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo), Gianluca Genova (acoustic guitar , electric guitar), Cristian Falzone (drums).