Willem Gator aka Giuseppe Musmeci is a self-taught composer, guitarist and electronic music programmer. The artist's rich background in electronic production allows him to create highly distinctive grooves crafted by his very personal views on sound and beat research. What comes out of these recordings is a unique blend of acid house kicks, downtempo beats with junglesque phat basslines, oriental moods and overlapped with a multitude of orchestral instruments.

Across its concise 40-minute run-time, the last album called "Locked-In Syndrome" deploys its beats and synths for maximum impact, creating an eminently danceable yet deeply melancholic experience. Conveying the overwhelming experience of being at a hedonistic celebration and feeling profoundly detached and alone, these electronic paeans to dislocation scale the musical skies while plumbing the emotional lows.

Stretching out across six-plus minutes, tracks like ‘Umbrella Revolution’ and ‘AF 16’ have a deeply satisfying momentum, carrying the listener towards a shadowy, unknown destination. Indeed, for Willem Gator, the journey is the destination – a lonely ride through night-time streets, where bright lights promise much and deliver nothing… The album features stunning artwork by English collage artist and musician Ashley Reaks.

“Willem Gator focuses on the larger impact. Letting each song gradually increase in emotional intensity helping it incorporate both rock and electronic aspects.” – Beach Slot

Willem Gator has performed in hundreds of concerts and has completed four tours throughout Europe, sharing the stage with musicians from all over the world. Among these were FM Einhet (Einsturzende Neubauten), Flying Luttenbachers, Unsane, DJ Spooky, Pansonic, Nobokazu Takemura, U-Cef, Battles, Art Brut, etc... In the live set, Willem Gator is joined by Davide Trovato (bass) and Stefano Rigano (video). While you listen to these tracks, you'll be able to see and feel the places, faces and ambience of the streets in Hong Kong, the smothering cubby-hole in Kowloon, and the crowd of motorbikes in Taipei.