Biografia William Koppen De Oliveira

A composer and polyinstrumentalist, William Koppen De Oliveira was born into a family of well known musicians in Natal, Brasil, on November 7th, 1970. He soon picked up playing guitar, piano and the flute, influenced by his father, who introduced him to the great brasilian music of artists like Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Cartola, Jonny Alff, Eliz Regina, Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, Baden Powel, Paulinho Nogueira, Carlos Lira, Toquinho, Vinicius, Caetano Veloso and many others. Whilst in Brasil he studied classical guitar with Eugenio Lima, winner of the national Villa Lobos prize, and piano with music-master Waldemar Ernesto. He also studied orchestration and harmony. He worked with well known brasilian artists like Leci Brandâo, Wilson Simonal, Joca Costa and many others. In 1997 he moved to Florence in Italy, were he became resident pianist and orchestra conductor of the brasilian music and culture publishers "Maracanan". He studied as a sound technician in Bologna and continued his piano studies in Florence. In 2002 he moved to Brescia and graduated in Theory and Solfeggio at the Conservatorio Luca Marenzio, and started teaching. He worked to the writing, recording and editing of two songs "O Mar" and "Mara", included in the albums "Chilloutmania vol 3 " e "Guitar'n'chillhouse " distributed by Tieni Duro and Sony Music. In 2003 he produced his first cd "Ascoltami", which was praised by Irio de Paula. He played with Luiz Agudo and worked with the late writer and singer Daniela Fantoni. In 2006 he formed a new trio which alterned musicians like Otello Savoia, Giulio Corini, Carmelo Leotta, Francesco Casali, Gaspare Bonafede, Beppe Gioacchini, Rogerio Bottermaio, Fabio Casentini, Sergio Mazzei and recorded his first Live cd. In 2007, together with contrabas player Carmelo Leotta, he recorded and self-produced the cd "William Koppen De Oliveira".

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