Fabio Marco Marco Marco Marco Carlo | Post-hardcore

Formed in November 2008, Winter Dust is a five piece post-rock / post-hardcore band hailing from Padua (Italy) and including four people called Marco and just one Fabio.
The main aim of the project is to explore Post-rock landscapes though maintaining a hardcore punk background and a melodic attitude.

After a self-released debut in 2011 (Existence), the band joined Voice of the Unheard Records (France) and released the first LP Autumn Years.
Thresholds is the ideal prosecution of that path, but nevertheless is the band’s biggest step to a unique and more obscure, though more hopeful sound.
Their songs start from an enveloping piano melody and structure, surrounded by airy soundscapes and violent, solid explosions. Vocals appear when unexpected, and then come back to the depths.
In 2018 the band is ready for its longest and most obscure album: Sense by Erosion.