Testi canzoni Wizard

Battle Of Metal testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal Battlefield Of Death testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Beginning Of The End testoAlbum: Odin Believe In Metal testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Betrayer testoAlbum: Odin Brave Warriors testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Dark Wings testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Dawn Of Evil testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Dead Hope testoAlbum: Odin Death Or Glory testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Defenders Of Metal testoAlbum: Head Of The Deceiver Demon Witches testoAlbum: Head Of The Deceiver Dragon Lords testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal End Of All testoAlbum: Odin Enemy Die testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Fuck Your Ass testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Gladiators Of Steel testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Hall Of Odin testoAlbum: Odin Hammer, Bow, Axe And Sword testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Heavy Metal Will Never Die testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal Iron War testoAlbum: Head Of The Deceiver Loki's Punishment testoAlbum: Odin Lost Souls testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal Lovesong testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Magic Potion testoAlbum: Head Of The Deceiver March Of The Einheriers testoAlbum: Odin Mighty Wizard testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Named By The Devil testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal Our Hate Will Burn You testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal Pain testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal Rain Of Death testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Revenge testoAlbum: Head Of The Deceiver Son Of Darkness testoAlbum: Son Of Darkness Spill The Blood Of Our Enemies testoAlbum: Bound By Metal Thor's Hammer testoAlbum: Odin Thoughts testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal True Metal testoAlbum: Head Of The Deceiver Unicorn testoAlbum: Bound By Metal You Prayed To God For Mercy testoAlbum: Battle Of Metal

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