Yuppie Flu - Testo Lyrics Order the Player off the Field

Testo della canzone

We 're all the same
With different looks
Different names
Voices far away
I bet you're alone today
My regards to the talk of the town
Some stay in bed
While the others are down
Havin' fun of me
So logical
At the end look at what you've got
My little girl
Beeing true to you
But you did things
Other people do
This is what i found
Other way around
Days are still as they used to be
But i won't state my philosophy
Such a waste of time
Silence will be fine

Album che contiene Order the Player off the Field

album The boat e.p. - Yuppie FluThe boat e.p.
2000 - Rock, Psichedelico, Indie Homesleep, White'N'Black, Sony BMG
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