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Testo della canzone

Time i spent
Thinking while i was painting my fence
I've lost the fun of it
Did it with some
Mental command no
Spaceships are crashin
On resorts
More than this
I glow in the dark
It's useful but all
My skin is turnin blue
Thought was fine but i got worst and
All the guys at the research company seem to know more than i do
Swap my blood with maple syrup
The dna got cut in two
It's science
As long as i'm concerned
Humanity is long long gone
A cryon clone
If i'm gonna die
Youre gonna die by me
See my highschool pictures
And notice the difference
Between now and the ol times
Different lines
I was starvin' sold my body
Was not warned at all
Side effects are on the run
Almost done
If i'm gonna die
You're gonna die by me
My face's changin' features
The company won't hear me
Doctors are just on their side
Keep tellin' lies
Since the day i turned blue for a fee
Money is not enough
I'm into it no moreagain
I bet my cum is green
I want my life again X3

Album che contiene The Blue Experiment

album The boat e.p. - Yuppie Flu
The boat e.p. 2000 - Rock, Psichedelico, Indie Homesleep, White'N'Black, Sony BMG

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