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30/07/2020 - 12:38 Scritto da Be.holders Be.holders 2


Every emotion now
For every commotion now
There’s a scientific basis
There’s a creative mind

Every devotion now
For every solution now
There’s a scientific reason
There's a magnetic power

Cause the time is running fast
When I look into your eyes
Our love is running high
I suppose it’s out of control
I suppose it’s out of my head
I suppose it’s out of us

An explosion breaks the banks
by the river on the hill
An implosion causes collapsis
Of the frame that we’re made of

The confusion makes me mad
On the lonely and barren street
The reclusion makes me sad
When I want to spread my wings

Let it crush, let it crush
This our heart in a million grains
Let it burn, let it burn
Then we’ll rise and we’ll return



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Francesco Rossi: voce e liriche
Davide Santandrea: elettronica, chitarra e sintetizzatori

Scritto e prodotto da Davide Santandrea - Testi di Francesco Rossi
Registrato, mixato e masterizzato da Gianluca Lo Presti presso il Loto Studio 2.0 - Filetto, Ravenna (Itaia)

Videoclip realizzato con Video di Tom Fisk da Pexels.

VIDEO Implosion/Explosion

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La canzone Implosion/Explosion si trova nell'album Default uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album Default, di Be.holders

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