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Bicycle Beat is an electronic music project born in 2008 and it is based on an idea of contamination. The origin and movement of electronic music so Beat is the idea that turns in the project .
A cycle turns, one only circular movement that remembers life's cycle. Cycle means "music that wants to pedal and go on with its beat", so it's simply a sign of dynamism and fullness. Bicycles plays Analogue Live_Set (no laptop), absolutely inedited , with synths and " machines", daily objects and toys : this is a regressive way that backs to the origins of music.
The project tests the notion of "Action Music", so it wants to offer the thrill of live music experience, and this is made in correlation with pertaining Visual. Beat-ing" heart is the Live moment: it's a deep artistic dialogue that meets the fusion between ideas and so different minds.
Narrow (Synthetizers, Vocals, Talkbox) and Bob Wallace (Drum Machines) share BPM whit Dom P's fill (Electronic Drums, Percussion). The first releases come out in 2011/12 on Arteria Music Label (Bologna) with the singles "Dead Line" and "Looking Over", and then on Ethica Recordings (Bari) with the track " She's Addicted".
They gained the first experiences in many club, such as: Teatro Kismet (Bari), Villa Renoir (Bari), Spazio Off (Trani), Margot (Torino), Duncan 3.0 (Roma) and Nautilus (Giovinazzo) with guest live Superflu.
In 2012 Bicycle Beat first land to Cromie (Castellaneta Marina), for special guests' warm up : Ricardo Villalobos, Luca Agnelli, Sven Vath, Frivolous, Richie Hawtin and Bob Sinclair.
Clorophilla's Resident Electronic Live Band performed at the opening with Jeff Mills, while on 1st June 2012 they opened the V edition of " Il Grido" with guests as known as Paul Kalkbrenner, Tughfucker and WhoMadeWho.
Summer 2012 means Salento on Italy. Here they express their music in the best dancefloors as Parco Gondar and Le Cave (Gallipoli) for the opening of international artists Sven Vath, David Guetta, Paul Kalkbrenner, Marco Carola & Loco Dice.
Good cycle ride..

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