Blind Tigers - Flamingos testo lyric


The man walked in the fog
He met the girl with the gun
He looked her eyes
She shot him and she left him behind

The girl tried the way to go home
But the fog devoured the world
She raised her eyes
Flamingos in the sea and in the sky

The lagoon was full of grey
The fog hided the colours and the shapes
She lost her time
But troubles were only in her mind

The man with one foot in the grave
He thought that his god was insane
He tried to cry
But the honour raped his life

Birds are dancing in the fog
And draws the path of the soul
While the shaman howls this song: Waaaoooh

Flamingos flied and stole her passion and name
I saw the tiger devoure the man.
Kalypsò Kalyptein.


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La canzone Flamingos si trova nell'album The Oracle And The Sonic Delirium uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Oracle And The Sonic Delirium, di Blind Tigers

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