Blind Tigers - Moly testo lyric


The upset men landed on the new earth
The time was gone and we didn’t know where we were
I saw the pain and the tears on their faces
The solitude and the distance ate the brave

They saw a fire in the middle of the glade
They ran in the woods and they took their spares, they didn’t wait.
Wolves, tigers and a lion were tame.
The lady was singing and was combing her hair.

Seduction and charme, ambiguity in her heart.
I saw a man with wings on his feet
He gave me a herb to survive to her cheats. It tasted like milk.
She was charming, I kissed her with no regrets
Oh well, I’m a man lost in the eternity of the spells.


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La canzone Moly si trova nell'album The Oracle And The Sonic Delirium uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Oracle And The Sonic Delirium, di Blind Tigers

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