Blind Tigers - The Days of Chaos testo lyric


Purple clouds and dust in the days of chaos
Chasms and ravines suck the living matters
The loving dark is coming
And you cry

The absence of the existence in the black hole
You cannot go up the river and go home
The shadows caress your breasts and you know

Hi, I’m turning off your shine
I’m wandering in your dreams, fears and all your thoughts
I eat your lifeblood
The air doesn’t echoes my name
The spider spits his silk and climbs on my tree
Saint Vitus stomps my feet

Demons fly in my head
And here they are,
They move my arms, they spy my heart
And you, you spread my blame
I twist my tongue
And there’s no life in my eyes.


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La canzone The Days of Chaos si trova nell'album The Oracle And The Sonic Delirium uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Oracle And The Sonic Delirium, di Blind Tigers

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