Bowling Green Dynamite - I've Tried testo lyric


I don’t know why I feel again like this
I thought I’ve said that that was the last time
I’ve tried to change but I’ve clearly messed up
So I’m here again forever by myself

And I’ve tried and I’ve tried
But it’s always the same

I thought you were looking for something knew
But it’s not fair only when you need to
I wonder what can make me feel better
If ill at ease or just disappointed

You always speak of something you cannot keep
You know receive means also sometimes give
I hope someday I’ll change the way I can see
And start to feel as I’m supposed to (be)


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La canzone I've Tried si trova nell'album This is not a Perfect World uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album This is not a Perfect World, di Bowling Green Dynamite

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