Bowling Green Dynamite - Just Another Dawn testo lyric


I was waiting for the sun to shine but when I saw your face the dark was over
Laying here down with you, ‘cause it’s the only thing I can do forever
My head is full of dreams and things but I know they’re something just passed over
You are the only thing that doesn’t make me worried of being sober

It’s just having you by my side that it can make me feel someone much better
I’ve got this feeling that I waste my life but you’re the only reason that makes me move on
So all I do it’s with you in my mind ‘cause otherwise I would like a real no one
As long as you feel like staying I’m not afraid of the days going nowhere

Now I just want to wake you up whispering to you everything thought so far
But you are there lost in your dreams, you look too perfect just to be awakened
I hope tomorrow or someday I’ll can tell you everything I’ve thought with these emotions
Cause it’s too much to say with words so it will be just a day like any other


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La canzone Just Another Dawn si trova nell'album This is not a Perfect World uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album This is not a Perfect World, di Bowling Green Dynamite

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