Bowling Green Dynamite - Something Better testo lyric


Now that you are gone away
I feel like there’s too much left to say

And I’ll regret quite everyday
It could have gone in so many different ways

For all the time that I was wrong
I can only wish I could have done more

I really wanted to try to change
To really show how much I cared

And I can’t stand this pain again
Cause I’m so tired of playing this silly game

So why you make me the fool
You were the one who should have something to prove

It’s really hard to go ahead
When the only thing you want is be in your past

And I still don’t fell kind of fine
I feel something is missing in my life, it’s you


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La canzone Something Better si trova nell'album This is not a Perfect World uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album This is not a Perfect World, di Bowling Green Dynamite

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