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Descrizione Light Games

Light Games parla di una splendida storia d'amore...e qualunque altra parola sarebbe superflua!

Credits Light Games

Autore & Compositore: Walter Nuzzo
All Rights Reserved

Testo della canzone

There were times, when I saw the world in black and white;
Lost, yeah Lost: that’s how I felt!
And there were times, when the fog wrapped my eyes
but now everything’s changed; now everything is clear

One day something changed my life,
all was more colorful;
the rain was over and i could see the sun into my eyes:
It shone up in the sky.
Like a diamond, like a star,
or just like you!

You, just like a magic, you…
You, just like a painter, you;
You repainted my life
You made my heart beating
For you, just for you

Even if the sun disappears, I'll stay here forever;
Even if the wind will blow, I'll keep the fire burning
Light Games I’ll do for you, ‘cause you are my inspiration
A Bright Fire burn , just for you!

Album che contiene Light Games

album Broken Frames - Broken FramesBroken Frames
2012 - Indie, Elettronico, Pop rock
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