Bruno Exp

2017 - Hip-Hop, Funk, Elettronica


Hi, my name is Bruno Exp, i'm a composer, musician, dj, singer, love picture, video, cinema, poetry, sculpture, painting, with music's experience since 1990 studying and playing drums, in alternative radio in Italy and Amsterdam Netherlands. I've played in various dj set with some of the most famous Italians Dj like Dj Aladyn, Alessio Bertalllot, Dj Gruff, Dj Pandaj, Pink is Punk, live and collaboration with Ariadigolpe, Area Odeon, Cristiano De Andrè, Gianna Nannini, Kernel Festival, 99 Posse, Punkreas, Selton, Sigma Tibet, Tomoko Nagao.

My music is a mix of groove from the '60 Blue Note records until now, nujazz, electronic, d'n'b, junglejazz, afro,funk, cinematic and more, music unlimited.
Love is the supreme art and rapresent all the arts.



Tutti i brani sono interamente composti, eseguiti, arrangiati e mixati da me


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